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Busch Gardens Tampa Group Tickets Busch Gardens theme park located over in the Tampa Bay area offers a little less crowd and all of the fun that the many other Florida theme parks offer. With its brilliantly done African theme you will feel as if you have landed in the safari for the day. Spreading across 335 acres the park is divided into nine separate areas all themed as different parts of Africa. These nine sections provide something for everybody old and young alike. Whether you are a thrill seeker craving a fast spiraling coaster or prefer to take things slower and be entertained by the performing arts Busch Gardens has something to keep you happy for the day.

Busch Gardens Tampa Group Tickets As you travel around Africa for the day each kingdom offers rides, sightseeing, shows, and food themed to the area you are in. Starting in the Crown Colony Plaza you can start with the ride everybody is talking about. The new Cheetah hunt roller coaster lets you experience the new breed of speed as you shoot off at 30 mph and as the Cheetah races to get its prey you top out at 60mph. The ride is sure to get your blood pumping and is a great way to start your morning. Next in Egypt, from the Bedouin tents to the handcrafted souvenirs you will browse you will instantly feel submerged into an Egyptian marketplace. Located in Egypt you will find King Tutankhamen's tomb and go through and see the excavation progress of the great Egyptian mummy. For the thrill seeker it offers the roller coaster named after the Egyptian god of war, Montu , with its seven inversions and zero G roll you will feel like you have been thrown right into the combat of a war. Then enter the kingdom of Nairobi and get up close to the Alligators and crocodiles. As you walk through this rain forest themed area you can see Gorillas and Chimpanzees playing in the Myombe reserve and animals being nurtured back to health at the Nairobi Field Station Animal Nursery. Jump on Rhino Rally an off road safari where you can catch a glimpse of some elephants but hang on for the surprise twist at the end. After leaving Nairobi you will find yourself in the marketplace of Timbuktu where you can head off to the popular attractions of the Phoenix and the Sand Serpent wild mouse roller coaster. If you are looking for a chance to get off your feet for a second you can check out the Timbuktu Theater and catch a wild 4D movie before heading over to the Congo kingdom. In the Congo you will definitely get a chance to cool down as you race through the raging Congo River Rapids water ride. After getting soaked head over to Kumba, a roller coaster named in Swahili meaning roar, its blazing fast speeds will get you dry in no time at all.

Busch Gardens Tampa Group Tickets After all the entertainment of the attractions thus far you want a second to slow down a bit and focus on the animals which is exactly what you will find in the Jungala. Offering rope bridges through three stories of animal observation, Tiger Trails and a zipline to take you across the tree tops there are plenty of exotic species to see here. Next you will find yourself in Stanleyville home to SheiKra, Florida's first floorless vertical diver coaster and the two more popular water rides Stanley Falls Flume log ride and Tanganyika Tidal wave raft ride. For the smaller children Busch Gardens offers the Sesame Street Safari of Fun where kids can play in Bert and Ernie's watering hole or ride the Air Grover kid coaster. The Sesame Street characters even all come together in the Fun's Sunny Day Theater for a musical show starring imagination and adventure. Keeps the sense of adventure rolling as you head over to the Bird Gardens located next to the kid area where you can always find a few exotic species hanging out here in the gardens. The main show pavilion is located here and you will want to grab a map and keep up with the show times because these shows are nothing less than spectacular. Critter Castaways is a side splitting show filled with laughter that is put on in the gardens. With a focus on bringing attention to rescue and shelter animals these well trained stars will keep you laughing with their animal antics. Don't forget to head over to Morocco and catch the new show Iceploration which is Busch Garden's largest ice show ever! The show is not only breathtakingly beautiful but coveys an important message as a grandfather tries to convince his grandson to put down his cell phone and enjoy the world as he once did as a old world explorer. As you leave through Morocco you can listen to the street music play brass and percussion ensembles sweetly luring you to come back soon. There is no way you can get everything Busch Gardens has to offer you done in one day and with a park this grand you will be in a hurry to come back time and time again.


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