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Orlando Tickets Discounts

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Do you plan on staying in Orlando for a few days or even more? If your answer is yes, then we have many various hotel and accommodations plans and suggestions for you. Here at OFTPS, we can help you get into a hotel, resort or vacation home that is right for you and your group. We can get you reservations for any type of accomodation that you need, like Disney Hotels and Resorts, Universal Hotels and Resorts, hotels near SeaWorld and hotels near Busch Gardens. Not only do we specialize in getting you the perfect rates and reservations on hotels, but we can also offer reservations for fabulous vacation homes that can accomodate the largest group party. With all of our reservations, you will never be more than minutes away from any Orlando attraction that you want to go to. Let Orlando Florida Theme Park Services help you get into a comfortable and cozy hotel, resort or vacation home the next time you are visiting Orlando.

When you and your group arrive in Orlando, you are going to need to have a few things set up for when you get in and none of those things are more important then reliable transportation. Let Orlando Florida Theme Park Services help you get to where you need to go. We can offer a variety transportation methods that will suit your needs. No matter how big your group is, we can get all of you to any of Orlando's many attractions and theme parks, stress and hassle free. Call us here at OFTPS to find out about shuttles, buses and other ways to get you from your hotel, resort or vacation home to all of the important attractions and theme parks in Orlando. Our goal at Orlando Theme Park Services is to make your stay as easy as possible and yo get you to where you need to go. Call and talk to a transportation coordinator for more information.

After all of the traveling that you had to do to get to Orlando, and all of the traveling that you will do at Orlando's attractions and theme parks, you are going to need a way to replinsh your energy. You are going to need to eat. Well, you are in luck because Orlando Theme Park Services offers a variety of meal plans suggestions and restaurant reservations that will help your group while visiting Orlando. Whether you are seeking to dine within the parks or if you are looking to find a seat somewhere that is around the area that you are staying, we can find a restaurant or eatery that is just what you are looking for. Not only can we provide amazing reservations to some of the most sought after restaurants in twon, but we can also give you information about the many meal plans that some of the theme parks and attractions offer to thier guests. All that you have to do is give OFTPS a call and speak to one of our coordinators to find out all of the meal plan details.


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