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Universal Studios Group Tickets Welcoming you to Universal you will find yourself walking along the one of a kind CityWalk a connector between the two parks of Universal. Jam packed with action and entertainment CityWalk offers dining, bars, clubs, and music. Day or night there always something in CityWalk that will peak an interest in every member of your family. Whether you just want to grab a snack or have a family dinner there is a wide selection of restaurants to choice from and each is as unique as the last. If you are looking for a place to stay awhile you may find yourself at NBA City where you grab a bite to eat and some one-on-one. Other hot spots include HardRock Café a place to grab a burger and listen to some live music on stage or NASCAR Sport Grill which has its own arcade and racing deco. But don't forget to check out Bob Marley Tribute to Freedom restaurant featuring Jamaican music and Caribbean cuisine, Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville for a tropical paradise, or Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. If you are just looking for a quick bite as you enjoy the local venues there is Cinnabon, The Whopper Bar, and Starbucks to give you a boost to keep the party going. There is plenty of shopping to be done in CityWalk several stores welcome you including Fossil, Element, and the Universal Studios Store. The hottest dance club in town is located right on the strip so if you're ready to dance and let loose you can always head over to the Groove and grab a drink as you sway to the beat. Head over to the AMC Universal Cineplex where you can always catch the hottest movies and features 20 movies and IMAX screening. For the person who enjoys the performing arts CityWalk is home to the Blue Man Group a combination of music and comedy that provides a show full of entertainment.

Universal Studios Group Tickets As you leave the Blue Man Group you will see the legendary Universal Studio globe and at it you will find the entrance to the Universal Studios Park. Themed to take you right on set of this functioning TV production facility, Universal Studios Florida takes you inside your favorite movie and TV shows and lets you feel like you're the star. As you walk around the set and go through, Hollywood, New York, San Francisco, the Wold Expo and, Production Central, you have the opportunity to find your favorite movies and jump right on into the action. Kill aliens with the Men in Black in World Expo. Go to Hollywood and see behind the scenes effects on Universal Orlando's Horror Make-Up show. Take the kids to Woody Woodpecker's kidzone and ride with E.T. through the stars. In San Francisco you can be the star of the major motion picture ride Disaster. Go to New York and ride Revenge of the Mummy where you can race through the sands of times and hope to survive past darkness, beetles, and fireballs. Over in Production Central you can ride the new Hollywood Rip ride Rockit where you plunge 17 stories at 65 mph to your own choice of music. One thing is for sure about Universal Studios when you step off this production studio you will feel like the star of your own vacation.

Universal Studios Group Tickets On the other side of CityWalk lies the Isles of Adventure Park and as you walk through the Port of Entrance the engraving in the port says it all; "The Adventure Begins." You truly feel as if you have been transported to different worlds as you walk through the six different sections of the park. When you walk through the Marvel Superhero Island you get the feeling you have stepped right inside a comic book. Whether you are riding the Hulk coaster or swinging above the streets with Spider Man you can't help but feel like you are the superhero here. Right next door is Toon Lagoon where you can brave the rapids with Popeye and catch a bite to eat at the Comic Book Café. Several hanging word bubbles seem to float off of the light post so find one that fits what your family is feeling a pose for a picture that will truly say it all. If you thought comic books were old you will feel prehistoric when you step foot in Jurassic Park. Jump on the Jurassic Park river raft ride and let it take you back to the time of dinosaurs but when you are one of the smallest things around and things get dangerous try your best to out run the T-Rex in hopes to make it back to your vacation. Run away to the Lost Continent but beware of Poseidon's Fury as ancient titans battle it under the sea. The attention to detail shows in every nook and cranny as you walk through Seuss Landing. Whether you are watching the Whos play as you eat green eggs and ham or are riding through the cat in the hat book with your family everything in Seuss landing is strange and exotic. The only thing more exotic than Dr. Seuss in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter where you truly feel as if you are standing in the middle of Diagon Alley. Drink a Butterbeer and wave good bye to the train at platform 9 and ¾ as you look out over the Castle. Duel dragons at the Tri-Wizarding Tournament. Go inside Hogwarts Castle and watching the painting talk to one another before jumping on a broom with Harry Potter. You even have the opportunity to let your wand choice you so that you can go home a real wizard. For a true escape from reality head to Universal Orlando and let yourself be transported to a vacation of a lifetime.


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