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SeaWorld Orlando Group Tickets Be prepared to feel like a kid again. Sea World takes the magic you felt looking at animals as a kid and brings it to life in its spectacular shows. Themed around wildlife appreciation and conversation this park is unique, entertaining, and inspirational. As you walk into the park you are greeted the newest roller coaster in the park. The Manta roller coaster allows you to hang from your stomach as you fly through the sky taking twist and turns. Dangle your feet above the water as you weave across the water front leaving a spray of water from your fins behind you. Truly thrilling this ride is a great way to start off the day. If there are members of your family who aren't as coaster friendly the ride offers a great Stingray Aquarium at the base of the ride which is filled with fun facts and plenty to see. Just across from the Manta is a Stingray Lagoon. This a great place to see the inspiration for the coaster as you see the rays swim the lagoon and splash people with their fins. The cool part is that the lagoon is a touch pool where you can pet the rays and even by shrimp and hand feed them. If you enjoy the Stingray touch pool you will love dolphin cove. Watch the dolphins swim and play and head over to the feeding area to get a chance to have a close encounter with these beautiful animals. The main attraction in this section of the park is hands down the Whale and Dolphin Theater where you can see the show Blue Horizons. This show brings together birds, dolphins, and whales into one majestic show. Watch good conquer evil as the dolphins race through the arena victoriously with their trainer on their backs. After this show head over to the Journey to Atlantis a scary boat ride into the lost sea where medusa will take you on a pretty bumpy ride as you try to escape.

SeaWorld Orlando Group Tickets Just as bumpy, plenty faster, and with upside-down twist and turns is the Kraken. Hands down one of the best roller coasters in the world the Kraken makes you feel like an eel in the ocean twisting and turning as you swim through the deep sea. If you feel like you have your sea legs head over to the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium and join the pirates. Prepare for some corny jokes and hardy laughs as you watch the misadventure; Clyde and Seamore take Pirate Island. Head underwater next for the Shark Encounter, an underwater tunnel that lets you see the sharks swim around you as if you were submerged into the sea. Just outside is a Shark Lagoon where you can grab some food and feed the sharks as they swim across the lagoon. If you are trying to figure out what to do next this may be a go time to head over to the Sky Tower where you can head for the sky on an observatory deck and see the whole park at once. At the base of the Sky tower is the Pearl Dive. Where two divers take to the water to bring up a selection of Oysters then you can take your pick and they will cut them open for you to uncover your very own pearl. Just as mysterious as the pearls are the Sea Sirens in the Nautilus Theater. Their acrobatics and dance will show you how they have lured the fishermen into the oceans depts for centuries. After leaving the theater you will find yourself at the base of the Shamu Theater where it is finally time to see the big man himself. The theater features the show One Ocean which places importance on the fact that all water is connected and therefore we are all connected to the Ocean. Watch Shamu and his family amaze you as they jump through the water and make one really big splash. Just behind the stadium in a carnival themed toddler section. Offering a sea carousel, swings, a kids coaster, splash pad, and giant playground your little ones will stay active and happy. After playing in the kid's area it is time to take off for the Wild Arctic. Take the flight simulator through the frozen north as you try to make it to the Base Station where you can see the polar bears, beluga whales, and walruses. At this point it is probably time to find a seat at the Bayside Stadium and prepare for Shamu Rocks. This rock and roll concert lights the skies with fireworks as Shamu and his family make yet another appearance and bring entertainment to the water.

SeaWorld Orlando Group Tickets If you and your family aren't quite ready to leave behind Sea World you better have tickets to spend your second day at Aquatica. Aquatica is Sea World's ocean themed water park which is quite a splash. From the family friendly wave pools to the lazy river this is the perfect hang out after a day in the theme park. Slide down the Tacumata Racers where you can race your entire family at once or jump in the family raft and ride together down Walhalla Wave. If you still want to see some sea mammals head over to Dolphin Plunge where the killer whales race with you as you head through the underwater tunnels. Whether you want to take it slow or if you are still craving the twist and turns Aquatic offers something for the entire family. For a unique vacation at a park unlike any water park in the world head to Sea World's Aquatica.


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