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Gatorland Group Tickets Outside of the major theme parks Florida still has a lot to offer each of these smaller attractions being unique and more specific to individual interest. During your stay in Florida your family might want to get a little more in touch with nature and visit Silver Springs, nature's theme park. With an emphasis on appreciating things in their natural state Silver Springs offers River Cruises with glass bottom boats, wildlife exhibits, botanical gardens and of course a few rides and attractions. At about half the price of the bigger theme parks Silver Springs is an affordable family fun spot that keeps everybody entertained and filled with the wonder of nature. Maybe your family wants to see a few more gators than Silver Springs offers in which case you may be interested in seeing, the "Alligator Capital of the World," Gatorland. Stretching over more than 100 acres and home to thousands of gators Gatorland is a thrilling vacation spot. From the self guided tours, petting zoo, and splash park Gatorland offers something for everyone. Gators aren't the only animals found here you can also find flamingo lagoon, snake exhibit, and wide variety of birds. If the gators are what you want to see make sure you catch the spectacular shows Gatorland has to offer. You can pick out a gator and watch as he and the expert wrestled, see feeding time for the big guys as 500 lb gator wrestle each other for food, and catch some up close encounters in the Critter Show. If you want to see the alligators in their natural environment you can go to the Boggy Creek airboat tours where you can fly like the wind through the natural Florida swamps. This awesome tour gives you opportunities like no other. Gliding through the beautiful Florida wetlands you will see the exotic birds, alligators and turtles native to the area while still getting chances to fly around the swamps at 45 mph.

Kennedy Space Center Group Tickets If alligators aren't your thing and you actually rather stay as far away from them as possible head for the stars at the Kennedy Space Center. You can strap into a seat and have a shuttle launch experience. Discover NASA up close in a tour through space exploration. Walk across the moon in the IMAX 3D experience. Chat one-on-one with an astronaut who risked his life to bring you the information we know about the space today and walk through the Astronaut Hall of Fame to further connect yourself with the men and women who has risked their lives in the name of science. If you have been fascinated by the history, science, and wonder you have experienced at the Kennedy Space Center there are many other attractions that may peak your interest. The collection of the odd and impossible at Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum is sure to entertain and leave your whole family in wonder. The upside down laboratory known as Wonder Works gives you the opportunity to go through over 100 "science experiments" that were left open to the public. From earthquake stimulators, bubble labs, magic dinner shows, and gravity defying chambers this place keeps visitors young and old excited to experiment with science all day long. Also in Florida you have the opportunity to travel back to the 20th century and jump aboard an exact replica of one of the famous Titanic. During the Titanic Experience you can walk through this living museum. Your ticket will have the name of a registered guest for a passenger on the ship and your tour guide plays a role as a key crew member on the boat. Experience the sights and sounds in remembrance of this historic luxury ship.

Holy Land Experience Group Tickets For a religious historic experience be sure to check the living biblical museum known as The Holy Land Experience. It is as if the Bible has come alive as you interact with the biblical world and are surrounded by the sights and sounds of the bible. Walk through the Garden of Eden. Head to the Shepherds field as the angles retell the tale of the birth of Jesus' birth. Browse the Jerusalem street market. Play in the Smile of a Child Adventure Land. You can take your time and appreciate everything the bible has to offer by spending a day in the Holy Land Experience.

As you can see Florida has plenty to offer for any crowd of people. There is even the new adition of Legoland a place where children can enjoy a thrilling day in a park completely dedicated to the childhood favorite toy. All that is missing from these wonderful attractions is you.


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