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Disneyland Group Tickets The magic continues at Dinseyland Park in sunny California. As you enter Disneyland you can stroll down Main Street U.S.A, where everything seems to shine with the joy of an older time. From the ice cream parlors to the parades you enter the park feeling like a kid again and nothing will be able to drop the goofy smile from your face as you reach Cinderella's Castle. As you walk through the winding tunnels inside the Castle you will be told the tale of Sleeping Beauty and when you come out the otherside you are immerged into Fantasyland. Step into the stories we all know too well and meet the princesses, twirl in the tea cups, and fly with Peter Pan. This section of the park brings the magic of childhoods to life as you ride through the home of the abominable of Matterhorn Sleds or embark on a journey across the lands on "the happiest cruise that ever sailed" as you learn that it is a small world after all. This enchanted land sings of fairytales and imagination.

Disneyland Group Tickets In the New Orleans Square you can celebrate Mardi Gas all year long as the party on the streets stays active. If you want to meet some ghost you can head to the Haunted Mansion where the spooks of continue in this tour through the home of 999 ghost, but don't worry there is room for 1000. If the ghosts aren't your think the pirates will be for sure as you travel through the tales of what a pirates life beholds. The explorations continue in Adventureland. Where you can go through the lost temples with Indiana Jones or take a cruise through the jungle. Hit up the old time backwoods feeling in Critter Country. Explore Tom Sawyers Island. Find your way through the mountains and enjoy the five story plunge into the water at the end of Splash Mountain. In the backwoods you'll be sure to run into Winnie the Pooh. Head to Frontierland and ride the railways through Thunder Mountain and practice your shooting over the shootin' expedition.

Disneyland Group Tickets Next you will be blasted into the future as you step into Tomorrowland. Protect the galaxy with Buzz Lighter. Fly through space and time on the Space Mountain roller coast. Jump on a Space Tour and tour the galaxy with the characters of Star Wars. Then take off to the Jedi Training academy and learn some new skills. Race cars at Autopia the imaginative motor speedway that shows you what the race is like from the cars perspective. You can head under the seas in a submarine and help Merlin find Nemo in an underwater adventure. The last of the futurist adventures is the monorail ride that can take you back to your hotel or straight to Disney's downtown district.

Experience the California dream over in Disney's California Adventure Park. With grand re-opening the park offers two new sections. Cars Land offers 12 acres of Radiator Springs. Whether you go get some body work don't at Ramones or go to the speedway to race Cars Land will keep you entertained. The other new area to the park is Buena Vista Street which put you right in the middle of 1920s Los Angeles. Complete with trolleys and Carthay Circle Theatre, where Walt Disney's first animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, premiered in 1937.

The original sections of include Hollywood Pictures Backlot, Paradise Pier, Golden State, a bugs island. In Hollywood you can jump on the tower of terror the Twilight Experience that takes you through the hotel. At Paradise Pier the theme is a boardwalk paradise. From the wooden coaster to the sky high Ferris wheel the pier is a hot hang out. Next soar over California in the motion simulator in Paradise Pier and see the 3D show "it's tough to be a bug" on bug island. Let the magic of Disney fill your vacation at California's Disneyland.


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