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Disney World Group Tickets Legendarily known across the world the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is nothing short of magical. Divided into four completely separate theme parks each one remains, if possible, more magical than the last. Magic Kingdom, the first of parks, does its part to play off of the excitement within a fairy tale. Upon walking into the park you are greeted by Main Street USA, a charming, all American, 20th century town filled characters dancing and people signing as you walk past the shops and ice cream parlors and come to Cinderella's castle. Designed to be the center of the park the rest of the sections of the park spread out from the castle forming the shape of a wheel. The vast 107 acres of Magic Kingdom are home to six enchanted sections. Adventureland represents the mystery of exploring foreign lands as you travel through the jungles of places like Africa, Asia and the Middle East. You can spark up an adventure with the Pirates of the Caribbean's or with the natives of the jungle in the Jungle Cruise. Travel through the old west in Frontierland and ride the railroads through the old mine shafts or head to Liberty Square and meet the leaders of history in the Hall of Presidents. For the prince and princess in everyone you can head to Fantasyland where when you wish upon a star your dreams will still come true. Ride Dumbo through the clouds or go to the Mad Tea Party. Explore the future in Tomorrowland and rocket into space on Space Mountain. For the ultimate experience in dreams coming true see the newest addition to Magic Kingdom, the New Fantasyland, an enchanting expansion to Fantasyland opening in spring of 2012. Let fantasy become reality as your family's dreams come true in the Magic Kingdom. Second in creation Disney's Epcot theme park is divided into two sections the Future World and the World's Showcase. Welcoming you into Epcot's Future World is Spaceship Earth, the giant golf ball, which takes you through the history and future of communication. Epcot's Future World is filled with the innovation of creativity using attractions to make you think past the exterior of what you see and look at what makes something tick. Whether you are on Test Track or on Ellen's Universe of Energy you will find yourself excited to be learning while still on stimulating rides. Two sections of the Future World, The Seas and The Land, show you Nemo and his friends and the balance of life in the sea and the process food goes through before it comes to our plate. Beyond the Future World you will find the World Showcase which wraps itself around the World Showcase Lagoon. Divided into segments the strip of land that goes around the Lagoon takes you into 11 countries where each is designed to submerge you into the culture of the country as if you were there. Each country offers food and attractions reflective upon what would be found locally. Both amusing and informative the World Showcase is definitely a one of a kind magical Disney creation.

Epcot Center Group Tickets Next to come to the Disney family is Disney's Hollywood Studios, originally called MGM, this 135 acre park plays off of Hollywood during the 1930s and 40s. Designed to give you the feeling that you're in the behind the scenes action of movie making. From the directors and actors live on the street pulling you into a faux movie being film on the sidewalk to behind the scene tours where you can see everything from Dorothy's ruby red slippers to how they make explosions look so real on TV this park has provided the lights, camera, and action of Hollywood. Go backstage with the band Aerosmith into a recording studio and jump on the Rockin' Rollercoaster a stretch limo that goes from 0-60mph to take you through downtown L.A. traffic to get to the Aerosmith concert in time. Ride up the Hollywood Tower of Terror and get the Twilight experience firsthand. From opportunities to jump on the stage in a parade performance or sing the American Idol Experience; anything is possible at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The last addition to the Disney World theme parks Animal Kingdom is the largest Disney theme park in the world. Stretching over 500 acres the park is united in one theme, animal conservation. The hub of the park is the Tree of Life, a breath taking sculpture intricately designed to include over 300 animal sculptures throughout the tree. Under the tree itself you can find the 3D attraction It's Tough to Be a Bug where the characters of A Bug's Life will keep you laughing as you learn why bugs are so important to the world. Over 1700 animals and 250 species can be found inside of the Animal Kingdom throughout the different themed areas. You can jump on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride and ride along the conservation camp as you see giraffes, gazelles, and many other exotic species freely walking around. Several areas like Rafiki's Planet Watch, Asia, and Africa will show you the local animals to the area as well as what is being done to conserve the endangered species found there. DinoLand U.S.A. shows you a blast from the past as you can hang out in the dinosaur themed carnival area. Jump on the ride Dinosaur and take a time machine back 65 billion years to save one of the last dinosaurs and hope you make it back before the meteor shower hits. Help Disney lead the way with animal care, research, and conservation.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Group Tickets If the four theme parks alone weren't enough to offer Disney also proudly offers Disney Quest, a five story arcade filled with virtual reality games alongside some of your favorite arcade style games in the downtown Disney area. Also available in the Orlando area you will find the two Disney themed water parks Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. With more than entertainment enough to satisfy any family and some of the most impressive employees in the world let Disney take you off into a magical and enchanted vacation this year.


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