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Medieval Times Dinner Show Group Tickets You can eat a normal dinner at home, this is vacation you should have something a little more entertaining than just food. Here in Orlando there are several different options when it comes to an entertaining dinner that can leave you on the edge of your seat with excitement while keeping your taste buds more than satisfied. Let yourself be taking back to the 11th century at the Medieval Times Dinner Show. Sit in the arena and let the bar wench take your order and serve you a feast fit for the visitors of the kingdom. Sit back and watch the tale unravel before you as you meet the King and his daughter as you eat your meal in the 11th century fashion, with your hands. You will learn the King's tale of treachery and that they have tried to overturn the Kingdom, hear of the princess's love for her Knight, and see the battle between the six knights for the love princess. The knights are represented by a color that corresponds the color coded seating arrangement as you watch the knight representing your color fight in the battle for love you will cheer him on to victory or consol him as he loses because there can only be one knight to win the heart of the princess. Exciting and delicious the Medieval Times Dinner Show is a winner for all families.

Arabian Nights Dinner Show Group Tickets If you enjoy the horses of the Medieval Times show you will love the graceful elegance of the Arabian Nights Dinner Attraction.  The dinner starts with a pre show that’s worth coming early to. Between the belly dancer instructors who does an overview of the evening festivities and the appetizer buffet there is plenty to keep you busy and the arena offers stick horse games for the younger children. As the dinner show begins you are introduced to the all American champion rider Sherry Smith who learns that she is actually a princess. The story unfolds as you are taken through the both romantic and adventurous tale of how the princess searches for her prince. As a champion rider she knows her heart can only belong to a man who loves horses as much as she does. And what a surprise you are in for as you watch the wonderful horses move around the arena with the elegance of royals. The show, food, and horses are all over the top and leave you in a sense of awe. 
If you’re looking for an entertaining show that maybe doesn’t involve horses look over in the direction of the Pirates Dinner Adventure. Enjoy unlimited appetizers as you are introduced to the crew and find yourself wrapped into the 15th anniversary story The Curse of Poseidon’s Fury. The tale of two young explores searching for answers to a mythical curse. As you watch the tale your wench will deliver your food, a hearty meal fit for an explorer. After watching the tale unfold join the characters in the Buccaneers bash where you can party the night away with your favorite character. Don’t get to use to your sea legs because you will be back on land soon with a very memorable dinner experience. 

Pirate's Dinner Adventure Group Tickets What's a good dinner without a little bit of mystery? The Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show is a 2 and ½ long dinner than will keep you laughing as you try to uncover clues to solve a mystery. As you sit in the elegant dining rooms keep a sharp eye out for anything that looks out of place. It is easy to be distracted between the prime rib and unlimited beer and wine. The 45 min comedy mystery is presented to you as you eat your dinner and then you are and the other members of your table turn to each other as a support system as you use each other to try to figure out the answer. Still need help? That's okay the detective comes by each table at the end to give you the opportunity to question the characters to uncover as much as you can to figure out what happened. After you figure out the answer you are rewarded with a mystery dessert. This show will surely keep you laughing as you meet and uncover more about these outrageous characters. And with an all you can drink policy where can you go wrong? Orlando is full of entertaining dinner shows that will keep you excited and wanting more for years to come.


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